Sunday, July 19, 2009

{As of late...}

So I have been in a blog slump lately mostly due to the fact that we are constantly busy. I cannot believe how fast life goes, and no matter what it continues to go as fast as possible. We have so much going on in our lives that I cannot keep up with it all, so I decided to give you all a 'little inside look' at our lives currently.


- School is consuming his summer life at the moment. He is hoping to graduate this fall.... Cross your fingers!!
- He is working at the Gateway AT&T, which somehow always schedules him so that we never see each other... but he loves it!
-Golfing everyday he gets off! He is loving the time he gets to play which per week is about 3-4 times... but oh well he is happy!
- Current obsession is my iphone, he is loving all the new technology and even tries to convince me he needs it, even though he has one!

That pretty much sums him up in a nut shell. Poor guy is always busy, but when we do see each other is always fun and we try to make the most of it!


- Work monday-friday for a food storage company called Daily bread.
- Currently am running every other day about 7-8miles in preperation for my marathon that i am doing in August.
- Constantly trying to keep up on the laundry, I swear its never done!
- My current obsession is my Bike or Running at the moment! Its the best to just come home and get all my energy out so I can relax!
- I would also say another obsession is house hunting, even though Rand just tells me I have to wait. I cant help myself!


- Are having the time of our lifes even though we rarely get to see each other, we really love 'the married life' and cant wait for the rest of lifes adventures to come our way!
-Plan on having a fun 24th of July with family and friends
- Hope to hit up Bear Lake
- Love going on bike rides.... maybe I can pull some teeth and go on some more this week.
- Have been trying to go golfing together... lets just say I am a horrible golfer, but Tiger here i come!

So there it is, our crazy life out there for you all to see! ha ha.. maybe one day life will calm down but i doubt it!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

(Finally... Lake Powell)

So here they are the pictures of the fabulous trip to Lake Powell. I am so happy that Rand and I had the opportunity to go and enjoy the warm weather, along with great family friends. I hope that we able to do this for many years to come, its one of the trips we look most forward to.

Lets first start off with the tubing expirence that Rand had. Jordynn, Colter and Rand had the tube ride one of their lives. Mike had taken them tubing and as we were headed in for the night we had some huge boat drive in front of us... lets just say Rand went 10 feet in the air, Colter just went straight up and landed in the tube, Jordynn just flipped off backwards, but needless to say we all busted out laughing!

Mike showing Parker how to get the wake sure off the deck!
This is my dad giving the camera a thumbs up!!
My Brother Colter after a boat ride... we kept calling him Rod Stewart.

Jessica, Jordynn and I going in the same cave we went in last year, we just barely fit!
Best Friends Jessey and Ashton, i was their "fake mommy"... we played house too much.

The cutest girls i know! look at them with the DS's in hand!

We gave the girls some tattoos that Jessica bought, they all had "tramp stamps"
Jessica and I decided to show the girls how to shave your legs when they asked to learn. We gave them a fake razor we made and they really thought they had shaved! it was funny!
Jordynn did Taiges hair.... needless to say UGLY!
My mom and Rand just chilling in the boat!

Ashton with someone's sunglasses on...
I stole this picture off Mike and Kara's Blog they are the cutest couple!
Taylor, Ashton and Taige hanging out.
Of course the last picture of the girls! haha. They were fun!