Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lula Birthday

This little stinker turned One on December, 8th. Boy how the times flies. We had a fun party with family and friends. Lula got some great gifts, all of which were so nice for them to give her. Some aren't pictured but she made out like a bandit (not pictured: building blocks, darling book, a teddy bear, a fun button game.... and I hope that is all). 

She got this activity center... which she loves. Notice her 'cheese' smile. 

Miss Lula and her Uncle Taige. 

Her puppy. It teaches her to clap and dance... both of which she has down thanks to him.

Below is a play by play of her getting her first baby doll. She was so excited!

She also got her first soccer ball. She loved it. Still doesn't get the concept of kicking the ball. 

At her party I (along with her Aunt Amy) made these darling sugar cookies with polka dots on them. I had all my money betting that she would destroy them. I lost. She was completely dainty about it. Funny girl.

Over all the party was a hit. I forgot to take pictures of the set up..... ugh. It was all polka dots. So happy that its over. She isn't walking yet, which I can't figure out if that is good or bad. Either way she is close to doing it but just a little reserved. We love out little Lula-mon as Papa calls her. So happy that we have her in our lives. We cannot believe its already been a year since she entered our family. We can't imagine life without her. Happy Birthday Little Lula!!! 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

! year ago...

One whole year ago Rand and I were blessed to become parents to the most beautiful baby girl! Boy how the times flies.... (I am already teary eyed writing this post, really Madison?! I know I am a total emotional mother.) Really though it makes me so bitter sweet to look back on those precious moments with our little girl. How sweet those first moments are when you see your child for the time. The spirit that feels the room.... words cannot describe. When two people who love each other, become a family of three... it is incredible and surreal. I am so grateful to have such an amazing husband who is always supportive, caring, sweet, thoughtful and such an amazing father. I still remember their first moments together, the tender look on his face. I will never forget that. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to be a mother. Some days are hard and some are easy, but regardless I try to focus on being the best mom I can to my little Lu. She is constantly making me laugh, and be creative with her. She is super expressive, talkative, and a social butterfly. Sounds nothing like me, I know. Little Lula still isn't walking, which is okay for now.... she loves the stairs, her blankie, getting into my measuring cups and spoons, opening and closing EVERYTHING, dancing, talking, steal cut oats, and her Daddy. (I am sure I forgot many but that is the basics.) We love you little bean!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Surviving the wind...

As I am sure most of you are aware. Our area in which we live... (being discrete) had a terrible wind storm come through late Wednesday night and on to Thursday morning. Our small little family seemed to barely sleep at all. Then sometime between 5am and 7am the power went out (this I know cause I went to the gym). I found myself thinking how grateful I am for what I have. We have been incredibly blessed here in the Sargent household, especially this last year.

Since all throughout the night we were constantly up and checking on our house, when it came time for Rand to go to work I hated the thought of being alone in a storm like this without power. So, Rand dropped Lula and I off at his sisters home. On our way we were amazing at what was going on. Trampolines on the highway, completely demolished. Huge hundred year old trees ripped from the ground, on with they stood. Shingles and anything else not tied down was gone. We happened to get tagged by a white picket fence on our way over.....

Once there we found we had to be a bit more creative with the kiddos. Keeping them entertained at first wasn't terribly hard. It was later in the evening that things got a little harder. It was fun to be able to enjoy each other's company. Whether that was driving in the car to charge our phones, or eating dinner by candlelight. Overall it was nice to not have the distractions of life staring you in the face.

Here are some pictures of the carnage once we could leave!

Yep that is my Nephew going to jump on the the tramp....

This was our live savor!!! Oh gas fire places!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

11-11-11 at 11:11


Pictures from my iPhone

That's right folks I remembered to take a picture of where I was on November 11th at 11:11am. Well... okay my friend Katie was there with me and it was all her idea so I can't really stake the claims on that. 

We were both crazy people and decided that it would be fun to go to the grand opening of H&M and Crate & Barrel at the new "IT" mall of Utah, Fashion Place. We were able to shop around for awhile before the store opened to kill some time and to get some Christmas shopping done. I was excited for the store since all my friends have been to the one in Vegas or Cali and I hadn't ever been able to experience it. Even Rand has been to one with out me..... I sent him there but he didn't come back with much..... 

Needless to say it was..... alright. It was so crazy, and there were so many mom's with strollers (we ditched the kiddos back at home.) that kept on hitting into me.... ugh. By the 7th time I was starting to get annoyed. Let just say Lula got some pretty sweet new outfits for the holidays. Oh and Tate walked away with some darling stuff as well. We on the other hand, bought some items but are planning on taking them back. Lets just say I will most likely stick to my Jcrew, its my love.  

Here is a video courtesy of Katie Oborn

Sunday, November 6, 2011

a Straw....

Miss Lula has now conquered the Straw. She is so proud of herself. Good job baby girl! 

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Sargent Halloween....

        Well lets just say this day was one of the longest of my life....Literally. 10 months old + trick or treating = long day for mama.  
        Miss Lula started the night off as a sweet butterfly. I was so excited to take her around and show her off. I made sure to get some paint on her nose just because I thought it was fun. After about two minute's of having it on, black was in a array of places. Hands, cheeks, hair, ears, etc... you get the idea. Bad idea. So the first stop was around the neighborhood with her BFF Drew. These two ladies know how to start a party. We decided to leave the girls in their strollers, because getting them out over and over appeared to not be the choice as we witnessed other moms struggling to get them back in. So after hitting the houses, and seeing many of the little's friends ( Nixon the monkey, and Ross as yoda) we went to hit up family.

Lula and Drew play-by-play....
Lula thinks she likes Drew's Candy better than hers

Looking at mom like what the heck.....

This is GREAT MOM! Drew is still caught up on the candy she just got.

Lula sees it and try's to steal it.....

Lula finally thinking her candy is alright.... its what my mom wanted anyway.....

Cute little monkey

Little Yoda.... 

       First stop aunt Amy's house. This is always a treat for Lu. She is most offend than not, greeted by her little cousin Ike rubbing on her cheeks saying, " Hi baby Lula!". Then up next is surely Miss Meg. She always can get a smile on Miss's face, if not, giggles seem to always fill the air. Then its Aunt Amy's turn. Hugs, kisses, and telling Miss how cute she is, while she just seems to take it all in, beaming with confidence. We had some yummy soup and bread. Then it was off to trick or treat around her neighborhood (we happen to know a lot of her neighbor's). On our way we saw some pretty cute costumes. The best I have to say was father and son Kick Buttowski's. If you don't know who he is... lets just say he is a cartoon dare devil on nickelodeon. They were hilarious! Their neighborhood is so cute and does hot cocoa, scones and a blazing fire in the street for all trick or treat- ers. Props on the great idea!   

       Next up stop off at the Grandparents. First the Sargent's. Lula got to trick-or-treat with her cousin Ike here. She thinks she is pretty neat to hang out with him. 
        She has discovered that the stairs are quite possibly her favorite new toy. I am not even kidding. I go up and down the stairs at least 20 times a day with her just at home. So of course when it comes to someone else's house its even funnier. So she got to climb on the stairs. 

Caught in the act.... look at her face

      We also had to change Miss Lula's diaper while we were there. Now this is even becoming a chore with a mobile little girl. Good thing face time on the iPhone was invented. It keeps her entertained for the most part. Otherwise we turn on the front facing camera... which is what happened here. She LOVES to look at her self in it. She could jabber to herself all night on it if I would let her. She isn't vain I swear. ha ha. 

       Next up Papa and Grandma Nelson's. She loves the stairs at their house. Pretty much she tries to sneak away to climb them. Any set of stairs that has open railing like this she goes crazy over. She tries to go up them sideways, while standing.... yes we are thinking of entering her in the circus. 

By this time of the night she was shot. We had many more families to hit and missed. We felt so bad but it was a lot of work to get her in and out of the car, with no afternoon nap.... it was a disaster. So sorry to the following;  Christensen's, Sargents, Dailybread the food storage company I used to work for, Ralph's, Young's,  Child's, Gold's, Whitaker's, Oborn's, Martineau's, William's, and anyone else I had on my list that I lost. We love you all!! Happy Halloween. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Glitter anyone?!

Lula and I cooked us up some of these classy pumpkins today. They are sure going to look fab on the porch. More pictures to come.......

Monday, October 10, 2011

10 months.....

Miss Lula Jane is 10 months old already. Boy how the times flies by. I swear it was just yesterday when Rand and I were driving our newest bundle home from the hospital. I still remember my nerves, and emotions were all over the place. How would I take care of just a sweet innocent little baby? Would I know how to do everything completely right? Would I be a good mother? These and many more were flooding my mind. I remember the sleepless nights, the worries I had, and how grateful I was to become a mother to the sweetest little baby I had ever seen. 
Now, 10 months later I still have those thoughts only before I can formulate the thought in my mind something stops me.... its like this, "will I be able...." (end thought) Lula Jane... where did you go? Oh there you are already up the stairs. or hiding in the pantry or playing in the toilet water. You get the idea. Somehow you cant even formulate a thought because they get so busy! That I can say, I am grateful for. Sometimes I have to remind myself a little extra.
......Currently Miss Lula is a total chatterbox. She can sit and play with her toys all by herself, while talking for the entire time. I have a feeling when she hits kindergarten her report card is going to look similar to mine, which read always in the teacher comments how I was an excellent of a student I was, but how I had issues excessively talking....  Cant wait for those. 
.......Lula loves anything with buttons. Remotes, cell phones, fake cell phones... she has some of those. 
.......She loves stuffed animals. Mostly she scratches out their eyes, and picks at their fur. You get the idea.... 
.......Miss loves textures of things. You will see her feeling anything that has a great texture. Carpet, Walls,  stoves, doors, furry animals, decorations, food....
.......She tends to be a little aggressive when it comes to toys and her Daddy's face.
.......She LOVES animals. My parents have a cat and she thinks its great to chase her around the house. She also got to play with some puppies recently and laughed hysterically when they licked her hands. 
......She loves her blankets. Specifically Aden + Anais. She will not go to sleep without one. She loves to rub her little face with it while falling asleep. 
.......She thinks every time I make a call that someone is there on the screen like face time. We do that with 'Papa' a lot and she now thinks someone is on the screen for her to look at. So funny. 
......She loves to make a face at her if you tell her 'no no' or 'stop' where its almost a fake cry face.... totally a hit on anyone who doesn't know her very well. 
.....She isn't quite walking by herself yet, but she will stand by herself for 10 seconds as long as her focus is on something else. 
......She has 4 teeth. Two upper and Two lower. She loves to give kisses... and occasionally bite you with them. 
They're is Miss Lula in a nut shell.... 

Love you baby girl!