Wednesday, August 19, 2009

{Recognize this person...}

Do any of you recognize this boy..I mean man? This is my brother Garrett, he has been currently serving a mission for the LDS church for the past 2 years! He has been the best missionary, and his letters and calls home are always such a joy to read and to hear how he is doing and what he has been up to. He is still the same guy that left, but I would say a little more mature!! Oh and did I mention that he gets home tomorrow from North Dakota?! I cant wait to see him again, and of course we have all changed so much. First off, Garrett has never met Rand. We started dating and hanging out alot right after he left, so I am excited for them to meet each other. Second my younger brothers are completely different, mostly they have grown taller but one is driving now and the other is just about to get to puberty... haha. So life has defiantly changed around the house.

If he gets the chance to read this I hope he knows how excited we are to see him again. He has been a great missionary and we have had the pleasure of watching him grow into an amazing man. He has been a great kid to grow up with and I cant wait to see him tomorrow!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

{Bear lake...and Golf}

So we ventured up to the bluest of blue....Bear Lake! The weather was perfect all except Saturday. That's when it got a little cloudy and rainy but we made the most of the situation with cards, naps, laughter, and great company. The very first day Rand had a bad experience with a flying hairy bug we all call bee's. He was stung right on the elbow... Ouch! He of course whimpered in pain for about five minutes and then there after was okay. As we got up to the cabin for the day, we noticed how swollen his elbow was only because he was violently scratching it. So we decided to take some pictures. So for your enjoyment here they are the first is the stung swollen elbow and the other is his normal elbow.

A couple days before this trip we went golfing for the first time together. Yes i know that is pathetic but seriously I am way too competitive for a sport that involves a small white ball(seriously i need some color) and a majorly small hole! To satisfy Rand's curiosity i went and played along. I actually had fun, although i did loose a ball, but to be honest I really didn't mind golfing even though i really only golfed about 4 or five holes (i liked driving the cart the best! shh... don't tell Rand)

Oh yeah then we went and saw some puppies!! This is the Little girl i want, but Rand says no... i need help changing his mind!

Last but not least I found the house of my dreams! I really can see myself here one day, i guess its just not soon enough!!