Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Birthdays.... birthdays!!

First things first, I am now old and decrepit so if I misspell things you can blame it on the fact that I am now 24 freaking years old... Wow. Cant say I never saw it coming, but in all serious-ness I just cant believe that I am already this old. Now I know most of you are thinking 24 isn't old, its just the beginning, but I am here to tell you that after hearing it over and over again by multitudes of people it finally smashed its way into my brain. I can do this, I can still function!

I could have sworn that I am still just in the first year of College having a blast with my home girls(you all know who you are :) ). I look back on that time and I still have to laugh my butt off at the things we did. Honestly who buys 6 fish and sticks them in a little tiny triangular tank?! Who gets all dressed up(not in the best attire, were talking swim suits over other clothes and high pony tails...attractive is how I would describe it.) decides to run around the apartment complex knocking on peoples doors, then running inside and touching the fridge without saying a word? I know we were little kids back in that day, but those were the best days. I miss each and every one of them, and now that we all have gotten married and some have little mini-me's now, I still just miss the spontaneous personalities we had.

Life is a little different now, I have in all sense of the word "mellowed out". I am still fun but I think as you get older you either loose the energy you once had or things that would have been hilarious have lost the laugh (in some aspects). I don't know what it is about getting older, but there are moments in my life I would love to go back and experience again... for one getting married to the love of my life, College (the first year before everyone got married), High School (only because we had such a blast) and possibly being little again, I swear everything is better when you are little.

I have to say though life is great and I love being as old as I am. I might complain here and there but overall there are some great things that I can say this time of my life will bring. Talking with some co-workers I have discovered that these next 6 years will bring alot with them, but they pay off. Here is the advise; this is the time of life where apparently everyone our age is pretty much poor, I wouldn't say everyone but some are less fortunate than others. This is the age where you really pay your dues with school, work and other activities. They say the payoff is in the 30's. I guess I will have to wait and see. I thought it was interesting how many people say they look back on this time in their lives and miss them. I would say all the people I have talked to quite literally reminisced how they miss the first years of marriage, without kids where it was just the two of you fighting against the world. Nothing against having your own kids( I cant wait), but I am sure things are alot more simplistic with just the two of you.

So on with the Birthday bash..
I was so grateful to have such great girl friends who pampered me endlessly! Rand had work so I made some plans to make sure I was busy on the Day of my entrance to this world. ha ha.. I got a massage that morning and a facial along with a pedicure. It was great to be surrounded by so many friends that I love and enjoy being around. Thanks girlys!!

Katie and her darling toes!!
Lindsey getting her toesy's done...
A close up of Jen the artist!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas, New years....

Wow I am so sorry that its taken me so long to update. All in all life has kept us super busy, and the pictures I have are here, there aren't alot of them but I guess its better than nothing.

Christmas was great, and we really enjoyed family and friends. Christmas Eve we enjoyed giving Rands parents the book that we made for them. Its a picture book that had the family proclamation inside with plenty of pictures of their posterity. We knew that this would be a hit, and we couldn't wait to give it to them. We slowly had been sneaking pictures in and out of the house in hopes they wouldn't really guess what we were up to. It worked out perfectly!! They were so surprised and happy! Goal accomplished!

Next we were off to my parents for a little Christmas grub, and PJ opening. It was alot of fun! We were able to sleep over at my parents house and we all piled in my brothers bed and watched blindside. It was alot of fun to be surrounded by family. Of course we opened our presents which were amazing and I couldn't ask for anything better. Rand was so sweet and got me a picture of the temple which I have been wanting, it seems like forever.

I should make mention that he made the whole thing himself! He got the picture directly from the photographer, blew the whole thing up, got it matted and framed. I was so surprised!! I love it husband thank you!

Next we move on to new years. Can I just start by saying, wow 2010 really?! I cant tell you how crazy it is that is 2010, but the year brings some great opportunity's and advancements for us. This year Rand will graduate which is awesome! We will also hopefully be in a house by the end of the year, and looking for a new car. It doesn't seem like much, but I cant tell you how excited I am for this year. I am also contemplating going back to school this fall in Interior Design. Its something I have been thinking about alot lately, and I am so fascinated with design that it would be fun to take some classes.
New years we were able to hang out with some friends, got to make homemade pizza and play some hilarious games! It was great to ring in the new year with such great friends.
Mike and Lindsey

Making Pizzas

Our "kiss" for new years!! Loved welcoming the new year with my husband!! He is the best that ever happened to me!!

New years Resolutions for 2010:

1. Be a better wife. To put it simply just make sure Rand knows that I love him. I know it seems cheesy, but I just want to do better in serving him.

2. Read my scriptures more often, and making that a priority for Rand and I.

3. Participate in some races this year.
-St. George Triathlon
-Salt Lake Half marathon
-Wasatch Back
-possibly others those are all I have registered for this year. (any ideas?)

4.Try to cook more often. This is going to be hard, I really haven't made a single dish since we have been married. I know horrible for Rand right?! I really want to its just a huge undertaking for me. I am more of a baker not a cook. I bake alot, but cooking I just seem to get lost. So if any of you have some great and particularly easy recipes please pass them along... I really need to start somewhere!

5. Working out everyday except Sundays. I know that this is pretty much what I have been up to anyway for training, but I really would like to continue this as a habit and get in the best shape I can.

6. Being more prompt. I am by nature a late person. I want to do better at being to places on time or earlier. Rand and I are making this happen this year!

7. Cleaning the house once a week. This is particularly a challenge since life is constantly changing but the one thing I love most is coming home from a long day at work and seeing our house clean.

8. Living more on a budget. Since I mentioned above that we would like to be in a house by the end of this year, we are planning better so that we will be able to have a bigger down payment.

9. Spending more time just the two of us. We recently watched an Oprah...Yes Rand watched it! Where they stripped the family of all the electronics that were distracting them from really being "together " and creating relationships with one another. So we have made a goal. When each of us get home for the night to really talk and be with each other.

10. To enjoy this amazing year for all that its worth!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quick updates....

First off I need to get caught up. I have to upload all my pictures from Christmas and New Years still. So once I have a minute I will get you all filled in on our little Adventures.... I promise to have this done by Friday at the latest!! So check back later....