Wednesday, September 29, 2010

29 Weeks...

Twenty-Nine Weeks already?! I cant believe how fast the time is flying on by. Of course this post is a little behind, but I thought I would still post it for journal purposes.

29 weeks and 2 days (ignore the background)

We were able to go to the doctor again this week on the 28th. This time I had to take the Glucose test.... yummy. All I have to say is that drink is seriously an over dose of sugar (therefore the reason they call it the "sugar" test). I was sick to my stomach almost immediately. We were able to see little "L" again but she was extremely un-cooperative this time and we weren't able to get a good look at her (really I wonder whose child she is...). We have a cute little profile picture which is the only way she would allow us to see her sweet little cheeks again. Little "L" is right on schedule for December 9th. She is currently weighing in at 3lbs, and certainly loosing some free space. We are so excited to meet this little girl come the holidays. Lets just cross our fingers that the holidays make these last 10 weeks go by faster. I cant believe that we only have 10 weeks left...

Next item of business, Rand and I have purchased a new townhouse in East Farmington area. We are so excited about it. We were able to pick out everything we wanted which makes it nice. I will keep you all posted on pictures, as of right now this is what it looks like. Should be done before Thanksgiving if you can believe it.
Morning of 9/29/2010 (footings, cement poured later today)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Going, Going, Gone!

Double Digits baby! Finally I am under the triple digit count down, I cant say how crazy that is. Time just has seemed to fly by thus far in my pregnancy(which I am grateful for). She moves like crazy these days, and although some times its not the most convenient I have loved feeling her get stronger. What a miracle the whole experience is. Third Trimester here I am, the final countdown, the last inning of the game... What a thrill it is.

Lately every person I run into tells me that I need to post pictures of myself again on here. I have taken pictures, its just hard seeing yourself look like a blimp. I have taken them though, so don't you worry! Once I get Rand to take them off the camera for me I will make sure to get some up. But in the mean time I hope the following will suffice. As you can clearly see my feet are going, going, gone.

28 weeks and 2 day (today)

Last but not least we went to the doctor again on the 9th. This was the "BIG APPOINTMENT" or so they say. They take all the measurements of the bones, head and torso, while looking to make sure developmentally everything looks good. They checked her heart, brain and various organs. Everything was in perfect condition, of which we both were grateful to hear. She has a strong heartbeat which somehow always brings me to tears when I listen to it over and over again. We already have so much love for this little girl, and I know that will only grow. Here are some sweet pictures of little L.
Her little foot!
Lula Jane.... I cant wait to kiss her.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Old Friends...

I was able to meet up with my girlfriends from high school at the beginning of the month. Its so fun to see them all and talk with them about what is going on in their lives. Each one of them I have a special memory of, and I am reminded of the great times we had together back in the day! Here are some pictures I stole from my friend Cass, she loves her camera and you always have to smile "the best" for hers.... haha. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of me with the girls. Cass moved to Oregon and I meant to get one of us and apparently spaced it (I blame the pregnancy brain for it). So I guess next time I will be better about it with every one of them!

Katte and her Daughter Ruby

Katie (aka Shelby) her girls Tori and Shelby

Shay and Brooklyn

Katie (aka Jorgie) and Newest crew member Lucy

Kelli and Brynn

Cass and Shay

Katie and Cass

All the kiddos playing

This is the only one I have of me, and apparently I was mid sentence and Shay just loved to glare at the camera... don't judge! (the UTES had there first game this day... the reason for the attire)