Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Finally Done!

Thats right! I am all done with my Christmas shopping. I know you all probably beat me to it, but thank heavens its over!! All I have left is a few little things, but everything big is all out of the way and nicely wrapped under the tree! I love this time of year, especially with all the lights and snow everywhere, and the many people who make the holidays special for me. I hope you all enjoy friends and family for the holiday season.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


So here we go a little update on the past couple weeks. Sorry that this has taken so long, but we haven't had the Internet in our new place until yesterday, so I have been accumulating photos to post! So we enjoyed the win against the cougars! We got all decked out, and went to my parents house to surprise my dad, boy was he in for it! Too bad cause his cougars lost, and I have never enjoyed such a sweet victory.

Then it was on to Thanksgiving! We enjoyed a sleepover with our buddies Chase and Katie Oborn, then it was on to the turkey bowl, where we laughed, froze to death, and were close to winning, and thanks to my brother in law Chad (for his many touch downs) we lost. haha.. But there was a pretty eventful kicker.... MaryLynn (Rands mom) returned a kick, it was pretty great!

Rand getting warmed up!

Hiking the ball to the QB Meg

Lets just say Meg chest bumped me, as you can see see ended on the ground.....

MaryLynn's play by play! She kicked the ball really far actually, we were all so proud, after all she is married to a former college football player, I am sure he taught her all he knows!

That night we had some of our niece's and nephew over for a slumber party! We watched movies ate some popcorn, laughed and finally fell asleep! That morning they woke up to waffles, some of the best I have had thanks to my hubby! Then we played for a while and took the kiddies home with a small parting gift, a snowman ornament that they made! So cute!

Next comes Halloween...

We had a great time with our friends, and family! We attended a party held by our friends Marcus and Michelle Smoot. The food was amazing, we had soup, bread sticks (green i might add) and some yummy sweets! It was really fun to be surrounded by our friends.

Earlier that day at work we all had to dress up at mice. Each department had a theme and because of some recent break ins of the infestation of mice we decided it would be funny so thus you can see the results....

More recently, we attended a beautiful wedding at Bear Lake for some close friends JD and Rachel! It was freezing cold, and we all huddled on the beach as close as we could! We are so happy for them, and love they are now apart of the family.

Rand also started his new job last week with AT&T. So far so good, he loves learning about all the technology and new advances out there. He is so cute, so of course I had to take a picture of his first day in his new outfit!

We hope all is well with everyone, and once we get the house officially set up, I will post them! Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Hey guys, sorry to leave you hanging after the last post, but i don't have much time on the Internet lately. I promise I will post the pictures of the new place here soon, its just been a crazy couple weeks. I hope you all had a great thanksgiving, filled with turkey, turkey bowls, stuffing and lots of friends and family.We are so excited to celebrate our first Christmas together, as a married couple, and in our own place! We love you all, and hope you all are loving this holiday season.