Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas: Playing Catch up

So, of course it's the end of January, and this is just getting on the blog. Shoot me: I am a mother of a toddler. A walking toddler to be exact. Certain things have just become perfect for her to reach now, so life has gotten even more busy than it was before those cute, chunky legs started to become mobile.

photo: Katie Oborn photography

Each year Rand and I seem to be busier with the Holiday season. Both of our families have great traditions that we love. The Nelson side of the family has homemade chicken noodle soup in bread bowls with rainbow Jello. It includes grandma, parents, and boys, which makes for awesome company. We have always opened christmas PJ's to sleep in along with an ornament on Christmas Eve. Then it's off to drive through the local Christmas lights, and a little festive movie. Need I say more?

Our Sargent side always has a huge spaghetti-fest. Anything you can think of going with this meal, let's just say it's there. Rand has a pretty large family (7 kids & 26 grandkids). When we get together there is always great company. After we eat, Gary and Mary Lynne (the all-wise parents) gather everyone around. We read the story of Jesus in the scriptures while singing christmas songs throughout the story. This is one of my favorite things about the Sargent tradition. They then hand out goodie bags for the grandkids. This is always a hoot. They always find great gifts that entertain the kiddos for hours.

So you can see why we are so busy. We tend to want to hit everything. By the end of the night we are wiped out. This year, of course, Lula was the center of attention. See, she is the 1st grand-baby on the Nelson side, and the 26th on the other. On both sides she is the star of the family. All the kids and uncles love entertaining her. It is fun to watch. Getting back to the story: the Nelson side wanted us to sleep over with our little movie star, and we agreed. So we hit the Sargent tradition, then made our way to the Nelson's. Once there we were wiped out. We did presents, ornaments, and went to the lights. This was especially fun. Papa Nelson drove the car through the lights and held Lula on his lap. Her face was priceless. First, getting to drive. Second, all the lights. We tried to get some shots of her face, and of course driving with Papa. Needless to say, it was too dark and she was just so excited that it wasn't possible.

That night Grandma and Uncle Taige wanted to both be in charge of little Lula. Of course Rand and I didn't protest that. She did wake up at 3am. Uncle Taige said she wouldn't give up and fall back asleep. So G-ma Nelson took her and watched Toy Story. Now, what little girl would want to go to sleep watching that?! Not Lula, that's for sure! At about 5:45 a.m. they both came into our room. Little girl was wide awake. It took a bit but Lula snuggled in and fell asleep.

We awoke that morning to Papa coming in to see little Lula in hopes of her being awake. She wasn't. Kid probably would have slept until 10:00 a.m. if we let her. So once everyone was up and ready we woke little girl up. Slowly. She is like her mother in this way.

Lula was super fun this year. She has some of the best facial expressions any kid I know can offer. She was very spoiled. One of the continuous loves is this rocker. Lula can spend hours rocking on this if you let her. Oh and you must help her push the buttons, otherwise you just hear "uh, uh, uh, uh!" She can't figure out how to push the buttons hard enough for the music to start playing. Funny girl. She loves it. She has also loved her books she got. Cute girl loves to read. That is her Dad. They are both cute little book worms.

Another tradition in the Nelson clan comes after all the presents are unwrapped. We make ebelskivers. This comes from our Danish family history. I can't even tell you how many generations have been doing this. I hear more and more families have started this, which is great! Every Christmas morning I think of all the generations before us, who have sat together as a family and enjoyed this. I think that is best part. Lula really liked them, which just makes her my daughter. She especially loves them with butter and sugar on the inside, which is my favorite way to eat them. I forgot to get a picture of them: ugh. I will be better about taking pictures.

Overall we were extremely grateful for the many thoughtful presents we received. Not only presents, but the gift of the Savior. This is always something I need to remind myself of, especially at this time of year. It's not about the lights, presents, or how pretty your tree is. It really is about Him. His amazing birth. Amazing life. Amazing lessons that were taught. The fondest memories of Christmas as a kid, are those where we helped another family in need. I can recall so many times getting to go shopping, and being able to deliver those. That feeling is incredible. This is what Christmas is about. Service. Helping one another. This is something if I forget, He finds ways of reminding me. I appreciate this. As a parent I hope to teach Lula and our future children to give to others. To be of service. That would be the greatest gift as a parent. We are so thankful, and our hearts our full.

Here are some other pictures we had from the holidays. Thank you family and friends who were so sweet to us this year. Especially little Lula.
Lula and her Cousin Meg

Lula and another cousin Jack
This is Lula meeting Santa this year..... he was a HIT...Not