Saturday, February 27, 2010

FLash Back....

Don't worry we are alive.
Life as always is keeping us extremely busy.
I was looking though our pictures today and I had to laugh at what I looked like as a little kid. I am sure I was a wild child but seriously I must have just been all over the place. Rand was the little angel child, sweet always did what he was told to do. I on the other hand am more rebellious or as I call it more "free spirited". I am sure we are due for kids like me..... I am doomed if so...

Ha ha.. Rand is such a cutie!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New addition to the family....

Meet Grover.... Our Bovier Des Flandres (its Belgian)! Okay I am only kidding but seriously one day when i have a nice yard this little lovable face will be there! My cousins had a couple of these when I was really little and I remember being so scared of them(their parents actually gave my parents one when they got married 'Conrad' was his name, and sadly we never met). They are about the size of a great dane but their fur makes them look a lot thicker. As I grew up I learned how sweet they really are. My cousin Parker had his last one named Bear and he honestly was so sweet and lovable. I know you all will love my little Grover when I get him. Until then I can just stare at this cutie in the picture and just dream of a fun running companion.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Happy Valentines to everyone!!! We started off early this week with being able to see a pre-screening of Valentines Day. We both enjoyed it and had some very friendly guys next to us! It was fun to start off the week doing something that we most often aren't able to do. Thanks Katie!!

These are the books and flowers Rand got me!! So sweet of him!

Rand and I were able to celebrate V-day on Friday the 12th, since Rand had that day off from work. First we had a lovely meal at Macaroni Grill in Salt Lake. I can't tell you how yummy everything was!! After dinner we hit up Juicy Berry.. Rand thinks this is the greatest discovery of all time...(I am really not kidding). I would have to disagree and say that I love Spoon Me. Can't get better than that! Then we wandered around the Gateway for a bit... of course I had to stop along the way at Anthropologie and J. Crew.... One of my many favorite places! Then we came home and made sugar cookies together which was a blast...we have both been craving them.

Saturday rolled around and my darling little brother Taige was off to the sweethearts dance. I of course had to go and take some pictures of him. I have to say Taige is so handsome and getting to be such a great young man. I have really enjoyed watching him over the years. He is one special kid. Taige is extremely intelligent, and a very very loving guy. I know when he gets married his wife will be treated like a queen. Taige has always been such a sweet young boy even from an early age. I would have to say out of all the kids in our family he is the one always worrying about everyone else, and always just looking out for us. I am happy that he was able to attend!! Love this guy!

Cute Grandma with Taige

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love it....

So as most of you know I love Interior Design (shocker!). It just so happens to be a very big consumption of my day to day time. Currently I am in love with many designs of wallpaper, fun/bright colors, fun furnirture, flooring, arcticure, and mixing up a bedroom to incoorporate your personality. I love looking closely at pictures and finding the little details that your eye doesnt always catch the first time you see it. Its those little details that make a great artist no matter what style of art you are creating. I hope to one day be able to create these types of spaces for myself if not for anyone else. Thanks to all of you that inspire me in so many ways, I never would have found my passion if it wasnt for you! So here is a little taste of what one day I may be able to accomplish.....

I love the arciticure, the brick floors, and the contrast. This room offers.

This room isnt as daring as most, but I love the contemporary pieces

One day you will all walk into my house and see this.... this for me is a must have in my dream house. A fireplace is always the attention grabber of the room. The contrast here draws you eyes right to it. I picture us snuggling up by the fire.

This room is a little more contemperary. I love the idea for the shelves above the fire place. This I picture in a house in the avenues, just adds to the overall feel of the room.

I love the tall ceilings and the bulit in cabniets. The way these are shaped gives the room a little more character.

The couch... ahh need I say more. This just reminds me of the 1920's-1950's. The art on the walls is also an attention grabber from the get go.

This wallpaper in the background is amazing! I know everyone shyed away from wallpaper for a while, but to be honest its making a huge comback!!

This is just simply unique. I think it works perfectly in this room and I love just the simplicity of it, yet I have never seen anything like it before.

This staircase draws me in....

Again wallpaper, but what can I say I am loving it!

First the bed is one of my absoulte favorite pieces. I love the sleigh bed look. Second I love the mint green paired with shades of blue. Its just very domino looking.

I love the lighting in this room. Again alot of contrast, but the coffee table has alot of great details.

This just makes me think history. The lace and linins give this room a old fashioned feeling. My favorite is the detailing on the wall.

Now this is such a beachy quaint room. I really love all the patterns from the beds to the flooring. The walls are more plain because of all the details.

I really love the blues that are used in this room...