Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Glitter anyone?!

Lula and I cooked us up some of these classy pumpkins today. They are sure going to look fab on the porch. More pictures to come.......

Monday, October 10, 2011

10 months.....

Miss Lula Jane is 10 months old already. Boy how the times flies by. I swear it was just yesterday when Rand and I were driving our newest bundle home from the hospital. I still remember my nerves, and emotions were all over the place. How would I take care of just a sweet innocent little baby? Would I know how to do everything completely right? Would I be a good mother? These and many more were flooding my mind. I remember the sleepless nights, the worries I had, and how grateful I was to become a mother to the sweetest little baby I had ever seen. 
Now, 10 months later I still have those thoughts only before I can formulate the thought in my mind something stops me.... its like this, "will I be able...." (end thought) Lula Jane... where did you go? Oh there you are already up the stairs. or hiding in the pantry or playing in the toilet water. You get the idea. Somehow you cant even formulate a thought because they get so busy! That I can say, I am grateful for. Sometimes I have to remind myself a little extra.
......Currently Miss Lula is a total chatterbox. She can sit and play with her toys all by herself, while talking for the entire time. I have a feeling when she hits kindergarten her report card is going to look similar to mine, which read always in the teacher comments how I was an excellent of a student I was, but how I had issues excessively talking....  Cant wait for those. 
.......Lula loves anything with buttons. Remotes, cell phones, fake cell phones... she has some of those. 
.......She loves stuffed animals. Mostly she scratches out their eyes, and picks at their fur. You get the idea.... 
.......Miss loves textures of things. You will see her feeling anything that has a great texture. Carpet, Walls,  stoves, doors, furry animals, decorations, food....
.......She tends to be a little aggressive when it comes to toys and her Daddy's face.
.......She LOVES animals. My parents have a cat and she thinks its great to chase her around the house. She also got to play with some puppies recently and laughed hysterically when they licked her hands. 
......She loves her blankets. Specifically Aden + Anais. She will not go to sleep without one. She loves to rub her little face with it while falling asleep. 
.......She thinks every time I make a call that someone is there on the screen like face time. We do that with 'Papa' a lot and she now thinks someone is on the screen for her to look at. So funny. 
......She loves to make a face at her if you tell her 'no no' or 'stop' where its almost a fake cry face.... totally a hit on anyone who doesn't know her very well. 
.....She isn't quite walking by herself yet, but she will stand by herself for 10 seconds as long as her focus is on something else. 
......She has 4 teeth. Two upper and Two lower. She loves to give kisses... and occasionally bite you with them. 
They're is Miss Lula in a nut shell.... 

Love you baby girl!