Friday, July 22, 2011

World Cup...

Alright I think I can now start to talk about this without exploding. (seriously.....)
How amazing are all these women?!

Strong. Independent. Beautiful. Athletic. Just to name a few......
I cant tell you how fun it was to get all into the games with our neighbors, friends and families.
Each game Rand was positive that our closest neighbors would surely hear me yelling at my television.
Lula seemed to enjoy them as well.
Especially when I would start to yell out where to put the ball..... funny I know.
I have this little, tiny passion for soccer.
I am sure it has something to do with the fact that I played the sport for 18 years.
Regardless of my experience I felt as though I was in their position.
I felt the world weighting on my shoulders.
The pressure of the moment....
I am so happy that they did the best they could.
Honestly I still dont feel right about Japan winning.
Did they deserve it..... I cant really honestly give a nice answer to that.
Yes I know their country has been through a horrible disaster.
I get that.
But I dont really see why that played into them deserving to win anymore than the next team.
Our US women's team could have clenched the win multiple times.
That I am sure of.
They just couldn't finish.
Maybe it wasn't their time.
But maybe they needed to feel the sweetness of making it to the Finals since '99.
I feel in times of disappointment I become more motivated then ever to achieve that goal.
I know they feel similar.
They were so close to tasting that sweet victory once again.
Only to have it slip through their fingers on a "stupid" goal.
The motivation on the younger generation watching those moments is now prominent.
Those girls who saw these amazing women compete, who want to emulate them in anyway possible.
That motivation to achieve is unstoppable. 
I cant wait for the summer Olympics in London 2012.
We will be stronger, we are stronger having gone through this.
We will come back fighting. Its the American way.
Ladies thank you for your example to girls all over the world.
Thank you for your efforts, sweat, blood and tears shed.
You will get there. And when you do we will all be supporting you in every moment of bliss.

Remember how you felt in this moment. Its your motivation to get there, to clench the thirst for the victory. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Growing Pains....

Since when did my little tiny.... (tiny is an understatement you were 8 lbs at birth) baby girl decide to make time fly on by? I miss the constant cuddles, the sounds, the sweetness of your little self, the newborn clothes, the smallness of your little hands and feet, and mostly just the fact that you were my little baby.
Photo below by Katie Oborn

Now your 7 months old and getting so big, and into everything. You love your blankie, your kitty and bunny. You love to read, be tickled, play with Dad and Mom and if your tired enough to slow down you give us snuggles. You have the cutest giggle, and love looking at yourself in the mirror. You give kisses, both on our faces by biting our cheek, and doing an eskimo kiss if your not distracted. You love putting anything and everything in your mouth. You say "Da da" although you dont know yet what that means. You gibber jabber all the time. You love to twist your tongue and bite it. You love your bath's and anything dealing with water. You love to go on runs and walks with mom, and most of the time just observe whats going on around you. Your curiosity always gets the best of you. You are always giving big smiles to anyone you see. You love to swing, and sit in the grass. Your little chunky feet are super ticklish, and Dad loves to munch on them. Compared to all the other littler girls your age you are almost a head taller than them, which is so funny to Mom. You got your first tooth at the end of June and now have a second one coming in. Mom and Dad love your little thighs, thick feet and dimpled hands. We are loving this stage you are in Miss Lu. You are so sweet, and you seem to be a little tender hearted at times. You hate being left alone, and would rather be Mom's constant buddy. You love when Daddy gets home and get all excited and happy to see him. You love to scream and hear your own voice, especially during church. You are so close to crawling, although its great to see you grow and change, we miss how little you once were. It seems like a distant memory to us. You love water bottles, and pulling hair. You think sponge bob is entertaining. You love to touch anything with buttons. Finally you love playing peek-a-boo with your blankie or hats.  

Miss Lula we love you so much. You bring such a light into our lives that nothing else but your little spirt could. We are loving being your parents, and are grateful that you are our's for eternity. Thank you for the smart, intellectual little girl you already are. We love you, Sis!  

Photos below by April Lupus

Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 4th

Grateful to live in such a wonderful country. Grateful for so many things. Loved singing the National Anthem in church today as it makes me think of our forefathers and our servicemen and women who sacrifice so much for the freedoms we altogether take for granted. May God bless us for another year!

So Flippin' Cute

Madi was about to take Lu to Cherry Hill the other day when she put her hat on Lula. She thought it was so funny and was totally posing for pictures. Lu, we love you!

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Friday, July 1, 2011

The story of Licorice

Licorice; adored by my father Scott.
Introduced to us, his off spring at a young age of 5 months.
So of course his granddaughter would be no different.
Miss Lula loved his more than anything.
I am sure she got the Nelson bug and now is addicted to these delicious strings of sugar.
So without further ado here she is.... totally caught in the moment.

Look at that guilty face.... Or rather the evidence.