Thursday, August 2, 2012

Its been a while....

Why hello blogging world! Sorry that we havent spoken or talked as of late but so much has gone on. Who knows if I will ever catch up... lets be honest here I dont have a lot of time. I am playing chase all day long with a toddler who seems to get herself in more trouble than I can keep up with. So lets just say I will do my very best to play a tiny bit of catch up, but for now lets just get reacquainted with one another.
This summer the Sargent house has been filled with swimming, vacations, and just plain enjoying the summer we have left. (I am already dreading the thought of winter... how do I keep a toddler busy?) Well, I am sure I will figure all that out as it comes. So enjoy the rest of your summer as we play catch up with you!