Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lula Jane

Yes we think we have a name decided on for our little girl. Obviously its the title of this post but I will mention it again, Lula Jane Sargent.

Background/ Orgin:
Initially I had about 50 names that I really liked, of course girls names are always easier than boys to come up with for some reason. The problem was finding one that Rand liked as well. Going back to when we first started dating and the first time I was ever at Rand's parents house, they have this huge genealogy tree with pictures on their wall. Rand's mom is really into genealogy, which made looking back into his history extremely easy. So of course this caught my attention and I stared at it over and over again just looking at all the generations of Sargent's and Marsh's. It was then that I stumbled upon Rands grandma Lula. Immediately I loved the name, and thought how classic and different it was. So of course I added this to my stock pile of future names for my kids (not knowing that Rand would be my husband at that time... )

Over the span of dating I learned a lot about Lula, and Rand's Family tree. Lula was Rands grandma whom he never has met (being the last of seven... makes sense). I started asking questions about what she was like, and that's when we got to hear some really fun stories about her from Rands Dad. She had a twin sister Lola, and they were the cutest little girls. If I ever get the change to get some pictures I will post them. They had blonde hair and dark brown eyes... which is what Rand was like as a kid.

Jane originated from my families side. Jane is my middle name, as well as my mothers, and her mothers and so on. So its a tradition that is passed down and I thought I would continue that trend.

The appointment:
We recently went to the Doctor on the 20th, and had the privilege of seeing our little girl again. Boy how much they change in-between appointments!

She is measuring a whole week early so I am scheduled to be induced on the 9th, of December. She looks beautiful and healthy, which is all I need to hear to know that everything is going good. I cant wait until my next appointment to see her again. My doctor suggested that we do the "BIG" ultrasound and measuring around my 27th week. So it will be at the first part of September. I cannot tell you how fun and exciting that will be, I hope to see her facial features a little better then or at my next appointment. I have included a video of our last appointment for blogging purposes and to show our family and friends who we don't get to see very often.

Okay so I have to admit that I am always wanting people to post pictures of their bellies. Now that its my turn, I am so not fond of it. Rand took this picture the other day and I somehow got talked into putting it up for you all to see... I feel huge I will admit it, and here I am 21 weeks. So don't judge... ha ha.

I might put more up depending on if I can handle the world seeing my prego self... :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Manual

Seriously babies now come with manuals..... SWEET! Okay not really, I randomly found this book and laughed about it for hours. Apparently its a "mens" guide for how to fix certain parts of a baby if they are crying. Wow.... do I need to say anymore?!

Okay men a little quiz a baby starts to cry and you have just fed them, burped them, and they are still upset... where to check next?!

I am hoping Rand knows some answers to these questions... or else we are definatly in over our head! I am thinking of purchasing this for good 'ole Randall so he can read up. Heavens knows he is going to have to be home alone with her at one point... lets just make sure all the bases are covered. ha ha.

Monday, July 19, 2010



his comic describes me perfectly right now. I constantly am going to the bathroom, I may as well have a bed, water, and a good book in there.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I never thought I would be saying that lately I haven't slept great, (coming from the person who can pretty much sleep anywhere at anytime.) but I have to admit the last week or so I have found this much harder to accomplish. I toss and turn all night, thanks to my growing belly I have lost my most coveted position of sleep... the stomach. I have tried many times to reinvent this position but none are ending up quite like it.

Second thing to keep me from sleeping is this summer heat. I can honestly say that I never really believed women when they said, "being pregnant during the summer is the worst!". Yeah never believed it until now. I think its mother natures funny little way of saying, "I told you so."

So of course both these factors come into play when trying to figure out what to do to solve the situation. So we ordered one of these prego body pillows.... it may not solve the heat, but it does solve the lack of sleep I am hoping!! Let me know what you guys did to solve these issues I would love to hear.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cant resist...

T hese cute sale items from Gap. I am already such a sucker for all things girly! Hopefully these will be darling on her little chunky-ness next spring/summer.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Our Bean....

Bean (noun):
1.the edible nutritious seed of various plants of the legume family, esp. of the genus Phaseolus.
2. a plant producing such seeds.
3. the pod of such a plant, esp. when immature and eaten as a vegetable.
1. beans, (used to express disbelief, annoyance, etc.).
spill the beans, Informal . to disclose a secret, either accidentally or imprudently, thereby ruining a surprise or plan: He spilled the beans, and she knew all about the party in advance.

Of course we don't want to eat our little "bean", but that has always been what "it" has been called. I hate calling "it" an "it". I feel like it should be something... maybe our human, our mini me...?!

So Rand and I were able to go to the doctor on the 22nd of June, and were told what "it" is. So without further to do our little human, mini me and "it" is going to be a little GIRL! We couldn't be happier and more excited to become parents to a little sweet baby girl. We feel so blessed to be able to have the opportunity to have children, and enjoy their sweet presence in our home. We honestly have never felt more blessed!