Monday, February 13, 2012

Lula's Iphone....

Lula on 'Papas' ipad

No we didn't get our 14 month old an iPhone! That would be crazy, right?! Well, she just decided to take over mine. Everyday I find crazy pictures or videos that she takes. I just have to laugh.

She is so smart when it comes to this handy device of mine, I had to put a pass code on it. She would literally call Grandma CeCe 2 times a day, if not more. Of course CeCe loved it, but I had to put a stop to the random calls she not only would make to her but anyone in our phonebook! Little girl is so silly and sassy these days. Why didn't anyone tell me the terrible two's start at one?! Well, needless to say we still love our little girl! She is so hilarious, and most days I laugh at her all day long. She has been the greatest blessing in our lives. We are so happy to be her parents (although during the tantrums I would like to not acknowledge that this is the same little girl...). Honestly the cutest thing right now is her talking on the phone. She walks around the house with the phone up to her ear.... I cant stand it. So cute!! We love our chatter-box!

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Darwin + Kiara said...

She so cute. Our little Aurora is up to the same stuff right now. She steals my phone all the time and deletes apps off my screen, sends random texts to people (luckily no phone calls yet that I know of), and uses pretty much anything as a phone that she can get her hands on. And yes, we're getting in the tantrums already too. So not fun! Thanks for the cute update! :) Hope you guys are doing well!