Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Card 2012

It’s been another great year for our little family, and as you can see from the picture, we’ll be adding another child (look out world) in 2013! This news has made us very excited for what’s to come and we can’t wait for round two of no sleep, poopy diapers, and all the other fun stuff that comes with it. We should know the gender of the baby within the next few weeks….I’m sure Madi will blog about it once we find out.

This past year was filled with lots of fun. We made our yearly hajj to Lake Powell in July. I was fortunate enough to break my nose the first day on the tube, and then on days 3 and 4 my ears got plugged up and I couldn’t hear anything. It was awesome. We also made a trip to St. George in February to visit Grandma and Grandpa Sargent; our family’s own take on ‘Southern Hospitality.’

Madi is still the workout queen at our house. She loves running, cycling, and all of her other myriad activities. This past spring she ran her first FULL marathon (the Ogden Marathon). I supported her, of course, from the comfort of the shade near the finish line with a Dr. Pepper in hand. I consider myself a decent husband. She also participated in another Ragnar Relay race and her team did very well. As great as Madi is at her outdoor activities, it’s no contest for the quality of mother she is to Lula.

I’ve had an eventful year as well. I was working at Zions Bank until April, when I took a new job with Fusion-io in Holladay, UT. I am part of their sales team and help to support the Midwestern United States. I have loved the challenge of learning a new industry and delving deeper into technology (who’d have guessed). I’ve been enjoying rec softball and basketball leagues, as well as golf tournaments at every opportunity. We bought a new (used, but new to us) car in August from a dealer auction in Dallas, TX. I flew down there to pick it up and drove home in a straight shot (23 hours or so). Don’t recommend that.

Lula is the joy of our lives. She’s so smart and sometimes even tells us, “I a genius.” She just turned two on the 8th of December, and is currently obsessed with “Buddy and Buzz,” aka Toy Story. She’s learning handfuls of new words/phrases every day. Among her latest are these:
  •  Anytime she burps or sneezes she says, “’scuse me!”
  • When the dog is barking…yes, the dog (we actually bought a dog)…she says, “Penny, stop! Go eat your food.” I’m not sure where she learned this behavior.
  • Whenever she likes what she is eating she exclaims, “Deee-wishous!”
  • Lately her favorite question is “What is that for?”
  • When she’s riding on our back like a horse she yells, “I’m a cowboy-girl!”
  • When I come home from work she’ll occasionally turn to Madi and yell, “It’s my daddy!”

She’s learned more about manipulating in two years than I’ve learned in 28, but we sure love her nonetheless. Anytime we tell her no, she immediately collapses to the ground or onto the couch and her face goes into both of her hands, at which point you can hear her ‘sobbing’….until the minute you offer her something she likes and she’s all smiles. What a con artist! She’s also great at avoiding going to bed. The minute we tell her that it’s bedtime, she tells daddy that she wants to snuggle…and she’s obviously a Sargent because she loves having her back tickled. She continues to make us smile each day and we love having her be a part of our lives.

We hope this Christmas finds you happy and well! We love our friendship with each of you and wish you the best in 2013!

The Sargents (Rand, Madi, Lula, and baby)

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McCall said...

Congratulations!! I'm so excited for your family!!