Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lula Birthday

This little stinker turned One on December, 8th. Boy how the times flies. We had a fun party with family and friends. Lula got some great gifts, all of which were so nice for them to give her. Some aren't pictured but she made out like a bandit (not pictured: building blocks, darling book, a teddy bear, a fun button game.... and I hope that is all). 

She got this activity center... which she loves. Notice her 'cheese' smile. 

Miss Lula and her Uncle Taige. 

Her puppy. It teaches her to clap and dance... both of which she has down thanks to him.

Below is a play by play of her getting her first baby doll. She was so excited!

She also got her first soccer ball. She loved it. Still doesn't get the concept of kicking the ball. 

At her party I (along with her Aunt Amy) made these darling sugar cookies with polka dots on them. I had all my money betting that she would destroy them. I lost. She was completely dainty about it. Funny girl.

Over all the party was a hit. I forgot to take pictures of the set up..... ugh. It was all polka dots. So happy that its over. She isn't walking yet, which I can't figure out if that is good or bad. Either way she is close to doing it but just a little reserved. We love out little Lula-mon as Papa calls her. So happy that we have her in our lives. We cannot believe its already been a year since she entered our family. We can't imagine life without her. Happy Birthday Little Lula!!! 

3 thoughts:

McCall said...

So so cute!

Jason and Rachel Hyde said...

Lula is so big! She really is the cutest girl ever! You guys have a beautiful family!

Jason and Rachel Hyde said...

Lula is so big and so adorable! Can't believe she's one! You guys have such a beautiful family!